No More Email Reports from Facebook Ads

in Facebook Ads API

A while ago I posted a workaround for getting ad reports out of Facebook without using the Ads API. The idea was to email the report to an account and download it from there; however, I've been playing with it lately and realised that they're now doing the same thing as Google AdWords: The email you get only tells you that the report is ready; you then need to login to actually download it!

Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to download reports using manual turk until I spend my first 10K in advertising on Facebook; then, maybe, I'll get an account manager and the privilege of at least being able to apply for their precious API! I understand them not wanting people to make bulk uploads of ads using an API; however, that's already available to all users via the Facebook Ads Power Editor, so it would be nice if we could now at least download our reports.


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