AdWords API Development Simplified

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After spending the past five years building software with the AdWords API, this year I’ve decided to take a broader view of my work and investigate how I could make the development process easier. There appears to be quite a bit of interest in the work I do, but I’m not able to complete projects fast enough to take on as many as I would like. This has made me consider how I can deliver higher quality work in a shorter amount of time.

The solution I’ve come up with involves building generalized components that perform the common functions of typical PPC Management tools; such as report extraction and bulk uploads. These individual components can then be wired together into whole solutions. I think it’s a much better solution than starting from scratch for each project, as it will deliver the following benefits:

  • I will be able to work on the features of each component over time, so the quality will be much better.
  • Each new project will take less time to develop, as there will be less to build.
  • The solution will be more cost effective; the price of each component will be split across multiple customers, instead of each customer having to pay the full cost.

I’m going to release my first component soon, which is a system to download data from AdWords and adCenter into a MySQL database; so, if you’re looking to hire an AdWords API developer, then you should check out what I’ve got to offer!

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