Ewan Heming

I'm a software developer with a passion for advertising technology. Since 2006 I've been building custom PPC Management Software using the AdWords API, adCenter API, Google Analytics API, Yahoo! Search Marketing API, and, more recently, the Facebook Ads API. I've worked with many different clients on a variety of projects including PPC Reporting Tools, Tracking Software, Ad Multiplication Tools, and Bid Management Solutions.

My enthusiasm for PPC marketing steams from a genuine belief that it is a form of advertising where it's possible to connect with people that want to listen to what you have to say, instead of trying to shove messages down their throats. I think that the meritocracy of a relevancy based advertising system has done a lot to enable small businesses and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams; instead of having to accept that they can't compete with the large marketing budgets of big organizations, small guys can now use PPC advertising to grow their businesses one customer at a time.

I chose this occupation so I could indulge my passion for both software development and PPC marketing at the same time. While I'm not hacking away at some code, I can usually be found with my head in a book improving my knowledge of marketing, programming, and web development. I maintain this blog to write about each of these subjects in the hope that the information will be useful to others.

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